What is different about Staging South Bay?

Indoor/outdoor home staging: Expand your listing’s perceived footprint!


25,000 cubic feet of beautiful furnishings


We own an extensive inventory of top quality furnishings, including Coastal Contemporary, Mid Century Modern, Transitional and Mediterranean Decor, that make our layouts unique and flattering in even the most challenging spaces. We continuously update our inventory to ensure we provide the finest quality, most attractive and fashionable designs.


Expand your home’s footprint with Indoor/Outdoor Living

California home buyers are drawn to the opportunity for indoor/outdoor living.  Our extensive inventory of upscale outdoor furnishings is used to create customized layouts for your outdoor spaces, therefore expanding your home’s perceived footprint and value in the mind of potential buyers.



Each home is staged as a custom design

Is there a million dollar view or a fireplace?  Our experienced team is trained to use high-end and luxury furnishings with professionally designed custom layouts to draw the eye toward the architecture and great features of your home.



We specialize in enhancing difficult and unique floor plans

We create beautiful layouts that make even difficult or unique floor plans picture perfect and inspire the imaginations of potential buyers.


We have a habit of making buyers fall in love at 1st sight!


Our design methods leave each family member excited about your home!

From the moment they enter, they see a California dream home. With luxuriously furnished  living rooms, exquisite and inviting family rooms, romantic master suites, picturesque patios and balconies, feminine little girl’s rooms, fun and exciting boy’s rooms, whimsical play rooms, upscale offices  and more, the whole family is drawn to your home through our feature-enhancing layouts.