Meet our experienced and professional home staging and construction development team



Wendy Wharton has over 35 years of luxury and high-end sales experience ranging from roles as National Account Manager for Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Regional Sales for the corporate office of Ritz Carlton and Fleet Sales Director of Executive Coach Builders, selling fleets of luxury limousines. Coming from Chicago with her sales knowledge and passion for design, Wendy developed the Staging South Bay brand with a very unique perspective. The indoor and outdoor California home lifestyle appealed to her, and this lead to include coordinated indoor and outdoor staging in all South Bay Staging designs. In addition, she specializes in making use of unique and small spaces, all of which create a perceived larger floor plan in the minds of buyers.


Staging South Bay utilizes Wendy’s knowledge and talents to determine just the right design and sales approach for the demographics of any property. Her designs are known throughout the South Bay real estate industry to be show stoppers which promote multiple offers regularly.  To schedule a consultation, please contact us at 310.994.7488


Contractor, Drafting, and Design Expert

Bill Hess Has been designing, building and remodeling homes in the South Bay for over 40 years. He uses his architectural and drafting background to provide services with Staging South Bay including construction, drafting, and designing layouts of homes and offices. If you are in need of architecture and design advice, just ask that Bill attend your Staging South Bay consultation! To schedule a consultation, please contact us at 310.994.7488